Monday Storytime | Beauty and the Bees


Beauty and the Bees
By Aaron Burakoff

I’m a sucker for any twist on a traditional fairy tale. This book was a sure way to my heart by taking a story like Beauty and the Beast, using a play on words, and retelling it in a way that brings awareness to important matters on a kid friendly level. Things aren’t looking so good for bees today. It’s up to us to pay attention to how we are affecting the plants in our world because if we lose the bees, we will lose so much more than that. Teaching the next generation about the importance of bees may help encourage them to think about how their actions affect the world around them and why it is important to be gentle with nature.


Beauty and the Bees has a message of kindness and being gentle to the planet as well as people. It also teaches kids a little bit about how bees are important to us and how they help. It’s sure to be one of the stories your little one asks for over and over again.


The author has also published 5 similar stories based on popular fairy tales, together they are all known as “The Fairy Tale Trail” Each one is centered around a farm and delivers positive messages to the reader. Ideal as a story for young ones up to age five, these books also make great early reader books up to age 7.


These books are available on Kindle or as a paperback.

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