Babyproofing Tips


Having a baby around is having to constantly be aware of all the things they can get into. You even have to think about all the things you wouldn’t imagine they could find or reach. There are so many simple things that can become dangerous in a moment, but we have to maintain a calm approach as well so we don’t over react about every spot in the home. You certainly don’t need to pad your walls and furniture, but sometimes there are a few simple tips we might over look. As the holidays are approaching, you may have an additional baby or two in the house, making these tips handy even if yours have grown beyond babyproofing stage. This infographic is an excellent summary of areas we may overlook when it comes to having a baby in the house.

Some basic tips and ideas to keep in mind when you have a baby in the house. These are particularly helpful if you will be babysitting or having guests over who have a baby. Many of these tips are common but may be overlooked if you aren't used to having a baby around.

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