About the Author

Hi! I’m Tiffany. I live in Los Angeles and I am passionate about living a natural, healthy lifestyle outside the parameters of everyone else’s comfort zone. I enjoy spending time with my family and learning everyday.

I have a Son who is very sweet, sensitive, and full of creativity. My Daughter, younger than her brother, is a wild, crazy girl who seems to survive on candy and bread, is very helpful, and has the most delicious cheeks I have ever seen. They are my world. Sometimes my world is crazy. It is never all fun and games, and I lose my mind at least once a day. Just because it is hard, doesn’t mean I’m going to quit. We get through the hard days, we show each other love and respect, and we create memories together.

That’s what its all about. That and the Hokey Pokey.


About Organic Parenthood

This blog, Organic Parenthood, is like an instructional book for the kind of life I enjoy living. I cover a wide enough variety of topics that I believe people from all walks of life can find something to interest them.

  • I live a green, eco-friendly, natural life and raise my kids to understand ingredients, labels, marketing, and waste.
  • I also aim to teach them the value of a dollar. They watch me, even help me, shop sales, use coupons, sign up to rewards programs, say no to things we don’t need or already have, and visit thrift stores.
  • We are a homeschooling family that also supplements with real life learning experiences, exploring the world, and teaching the kids what they need to know as an adult that no school (that we know of) will offer them, such as empathy, kindness, community, respect for living creatures, and the many aspects of nature.

There is so much life to experience, and so many ways to grow, that I know the journey will never end. Therefore, I am certain this blog will never be “finished” or “completed” as there will always be something new to learn.


Why I Do What I Do

I am a massage therapist. I love everything natural for the body. Natural healing and alternative health are a very important part of my life. I enjoy helping others heal naturally and above all, de-stress from the craziness of life. Unfortunately, I acquired carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. It’s not that bad at this point, but I am young, and I prefer not to have surgery if I can help it.

So, I took a step back from massage (to preserve my hands as long as possible) and decided to follow my lifelong passion of writing. Typing may not be the best thing for CTS, but it is not nearly as difficult or painful as giving massages. Because of my training and practice over 12+ years as an active therapist, I am fully equipped with the knowledge on how to care for my hands, and the rest of my body. Knowledge I can continue to share with others.

I choose to write about the things I am passionate about. I want to share the information I have acquired with others who are interested in learning. I hope that my blog helps encourage others to create peace withing their lives, happiness within their homes, balance within their bodies, and adventure within their worlds.


How You Can Follow Me

  • You can follow my updates on Twitter. I tweet new blog posts, quick thoughts and questions, and re-tweet what I think aligns with the values of Organic Parenthood.
  • On Instagram you will find a collection of photos posted regularly that showcase the daily activities that fuel the inspiration for this blog, as well as our adventures living in Los Angeles without a car.
  • The Facebook page is perhaps the most neglected. I do occasionally re-post from others what I feel aligns with the blog, and I add the new blog posts. Honestly though, Facebook isn’t my favorite social media. Sorry Facebook.
  • If you happen to be interested in what I craft, please come visit my Etsy shop Rustic Sprout. I always have my crocheted headbands and ear warmers for sale, and when I can, I add other items.
  • Pinterest is where the fun is at. I hardly need to explain this one. Come on over and see the wonderful pictures I have collected over the years and click a few links to awesomeness!!
  • Google Plus I personally love it, but not many others have joined the bandwagon. Come explore it! It’s like Facebook for businesses and blogs. No drama.


Thank you so much for coming to visit OrganicParenthoodBlog.com