Why You Should Subscribe to ABCmouse.com #preschool


You’ve seen it everywhere haven’t you? Commercials, libraries, the mall, all over the internet. A picture of an animated teacher, mouse, or classroom (like the one over there <— in the side bar). If you haven’t heard yet, ABCmouse.com is a pretty awesome website to sign up to for your preschool through 2nd grader. It’s now for ages 2-8 as they just added their 2nd grade level last month. I had both of my children signed up during those years and they had so much fun. When I began homeschooling, it was just my son for the first two years and having my daughter play on ABCmouse.com was an excellent way to include her in school time. Once he was finished with his work, he would join her and they could play together.


You’ll find an assortment of songs, games, stories, and art that teach the little ones everything from reading and math, to animals and space, to health and music. With an advanced progress tracking feature, you’ll be able to see exactly how your child is doing as they move through the program of over 850 lessons, and 8,500 activities within those lessons. My kids really enjoyed earning digital tickets when they completed their lessons, which they were able to cash in for special prizes like a hamster and all the gear associated with taking care of it, or a fish tank they could completely customize.


ABCmouse has earned multiple awards over the ten years since they began and the great reviews just keep coming in as the company continues to increase the available curriculum and bring more excitement to the online learning experience. Not only is the website easy to navigate for you and the kids, you can access your account on tablets and smart phones to keep the learning going even when you are out of the house.


You can sign up now to get your first month free as a trial before you commit to a longer period. Once you are convinced of the greatness that awaits your child, you’ll be able to sign up only $7.95 a month and it covers 3 children. Even better than that is when you sign up for a year at a time, the cost is only $59.95! Also, if you’re signed up to Ebates you’ll be able to activate a coupon when you subscribe to save even for money. If you aren’t signed up to Ebates yet, use this link to instantly earn $10 when you start an account. 

**For a limited time (until 2/15/17) if you have a Bank of America checking account you can add an additional 50% cashback coupon to your debit card. This has to be done manually on the website or the  B of A app.**


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