8 Great Children’s Newspapers


Once your children learn to read, a world of imagination, wonder, and education awaits them. Reading allows them to learn how to function in the world, how to create wonderful, magical worlds in their mind, and how to become educated on the world around them. Reading the news is far better for our brains than watching it on TV, most would agree. It may be years before your children are ready to understand and accept the type of news that we, as adults, read. Luckily, there are a variety of websites offering news written for kids. Some of it actually written by kids as well. Many of these news sites

also offer print versions of their papers, which can really come in handy if you have to share a computer with the entire family or you wish to reduce your child’s screen time. All of these news resources can be used to help supplement your child’s education, many even have lesson plans for the homeschooling crowd. Here is a list of eight great children’s newspapers.


Kid friendly news related websites to incorporate into your homeschooling curriculum.Indy Kids
Best for ages 9-13
A free publication put out 5 times a year. You only need to pay for the shipping costs. You can also download the issues onto your computer to read digitally. Indy Kids has a focus on current events around the world and social justice news which is written to be entertaining and engaging for kids. There is an emphasis on teaching to enhance school curriculum. It is created by kids and encourages young writers and journalists to get involved. You can also find puzzles, games, and recipes.



Kids Post
Best for ages 7-12
An extension of The Washington Post newspaper. This online website, (and print version in the Sunday through Thursday papers) has news articles for and about kids. You will find games, puzzles, articles to help with homework research, contests, recipes, and reviews. There is a family section to find great activities in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. They also include a teacher’s guide to utilize the entire newspaper as a learning aid.


Scholastic News Kids
Best for ages 6-11
Another great news resource for kids and by kids. Interested children, aged 10-14, can apply to be a contributing writer. Great for the aspiring journalist. Scholastic has wonderful resources for teachers of all grades with a fantastic amount of information available to supplement education in the classroom. Overall, the Scholastic website and products are extremely comprehensive and allow so many reading and learning opportunities for young minds. While the website does have many features, the print version is intended for classrooms and has a minimum order of 10 copies. Scholastic does offer a variety of magazines that can be sent to your home.


Time for Kids
Best for ages 5-13
The popular publication, Time Magazine, has an extensive section dedicated to children. You will find a teacher’s section, printables, homework helpers, and news for and by kids. They emphasize their focus to aid in common core studies. Just like Scholastic, there is a large selection of information online, but the print copies are intended for classrooms and have a minimum order of 10 copies. For a higher cost, you can have it delivered to your home.


Best for ages 5-13
Free news website for kids with a large selection of articles organized either by grade or by subject. They also have a feature for teachers to create curriculum based off the articles you like. While you can find a great list of current events for kids to learn from and use for school, there are also sections on books, movies, and fun websites. They are always looking for new child writers for this large internet newspaper.


Kind News
Best for ages 5-11
A news magazine put out by The Humane Society. All these articles are about animals and sharing the world with them. You can get a subscription for one child or for a whole classroom. It is broken into three different age groups. Teachers and parents can find some great resources to accompany each issue and enhance the learning experience.


Robin Age
Best for ages 4-15
A weekly newsletter for kids based in India. You can still s
subscribe via their digital edition, or look up a large amount of articles directly on the website. Roughly a quarter of their content is written by kids themselves. You’ll find art, jokes, contests, games, stories, and articles on a variety of subjects interesting to children.


Pitara Kids Network
Best for ages 6-13
Lots of games, activities, and educational articles for kids including world news to help young minds understand what is going on around them. Just like Robin Age, they are based out of India, but you can access all of this wonderful information directly on their website. It is all free for this online magazine.



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