Reasons Why I Miss Having a Car


It’s been 6 months already!? I can hardly believe we are at the top of the hill and getting ready to come down the other side. Now, we will watch the time fly as we approach the day when we acquire another vehicle for our family. We may extend it by a couple months, most likely during the time we begin (and go through) our search for another car. It’s been a pretty wonderful experience so far. Even with few stressful situations we’ve had, they don’t add up to anywhere near the ones we’d experience as car owners/drivers. In fact, I dread the days I have to rent a car and drive it all over town. This post, however, is meant to highlight the ways in which I DO miss having a car of our own.

One family takes on the adventure of living without a car for a year.

  • I miss a car because we have a dog.

The number one problem I have difficulty with is the inability to easily, and cost effectively, take our puppy to the dog park. Since she can’t ride the bus with us, our only option is Uber (or similar), and that can really add up. She loves to socialize! We were all set to commit to our year without a car when we adopted her from the shelter, a week before we sold our car. Getting her to the dog park wasn’t something I had considered. Though, I wouldn’t have changed my mind about this year based solely on that. She still gets some socialization.


  • I miss a car because we don’t have a/c in the house.

It’s been a hot, humid mess here in L.A. Granted, we are near the beach, so the weather is cooler than the rest of socal, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy being hot and moist all day long (at any temperature). Over the last couple of months I have found myself day dreaming of my past summers where we load up in the air conditioned car and go “shop” at Target for a few hours, just because it feels better. Then again, I’d feel guilty about the dog…


  • I miss having a car because, Disneyland.

We live 38 miles from Disneyland. Public transportation takes too much time and doesn’t run during the right times. We might get there, but getting back home might not happen. Renting a car, as often as we go with our passes, would be incredibly counterproductive to our life without a car. Uber rides would, cost wise, be incredibly counterproductive to having passes. Plus, the dog can’t be locked up all day.


  • I miss having a car because I wouldn’t have to carry as much.

Sometimes when I am out and about I make use of where I am, and pick up a few things. Sometimes I get carried away. Sometimes my arms threaten falling off, while my traps stab me with headaches. When you are walking around town, or taking the bus, you must carry everything with you. While this is building muscle, I’m the kind of mom who takes a stroller to Disneyland. Not for the kids… for my stuff.


  • I miss having a car because I don’t actually see my friends or my side of the family much.

They live about 2 hours away, via bus, and when I rent a car I have to cram so much in, to make use of it, that I haven’t actually seen them much outside of events or holidays. It’s hard enough that we all have very busy lives. I could totally appreciate each of us owning a house on the same block. That would be awesome! AND the dogs could all play together or we could easily get dog sitting when we go to Disneyland.


I’m still happy with our decision. If you notice, the things above are some of the things that are most important to me, and living without a car has made me realize and appreciate them. I have this experience to thank for that. It was one of the goals after all, to take a step back from our crazy life and focus on what matters. I’ve learned that having a dog is actually far more limiting than NOT having a car. Who knew? At least a dog loves you!

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